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My company specializes in thermal spraying (welding) and plasma coating welding process has more than ten years, providing the thrust plate, pump plunger, oxyacetylene spray, shaft sleeve shield, shielding pump accessories, plasma welding, pump accessories processing, processing machinery bearings, thrust plate shield pump, corrosion resistant metal surface treatment and other large-scale enterprises through-train service, our trials and hardships, always uphold the "customer first, quality first, courteous service" philosophy and dedication to provide quality services to new and old customers! The company is now the main business direction for the thermal spraying (welding) coating processing and plasma welding process, and formed a machining, thermal spraying (welding) coating process, plasma welding process, one-stop service capabilities of the grinding machine, each main processing link has specialized in this industry for more than ten years of experience around the master gatekeeper, so to provide customers with the most sophisticated products. On each of the main indicators of the parallelism of a specific product, concentricity and surface roughness strive hard in the company's drawings to a new level basis. The company is now hot spray (welding) and plasma coating process welding processing services, mainly iron (Fe) base, nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co) base alloy, self-fluxing alloys can be produced according to customer requirements product. The metal surface with a wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature anti-oxidation, and other characteristics, especially suitable as: shielded shaft sleeve, bearing thrust plate (plate), plunger valves, guides and all kinds of wear, corrosion of the workpiece, extension of the original material on the basis of the work of its life, reduce the use of cost-related products, improve the efficiency of the work and do the pre-protection and repair products.
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